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Business and Data analytics has the potential to radically reshape healthcare. The healthcare industry is in need of tools to control costs while improving quality and delivery of care. Improved data and metrics - in the hands of professionals with the needed analytical skills - can be used to progress almost any aspect of healthcare operation.

Data-driven business analytics offered by us can help hospitals and clinics streamline administrative tasks and free up funds for improved resources and services. Personnel can be allocated more efficiently by analyzing where and when they are most needed. Finally, data-driven improvements in the approval and reimbursement process can also ease tight cash flow, a problem for many hospitals and clinics.

Our State of the Art, multistep reporting system is of great use to the hospitals. We submit:-
1. Daily activity reports - The daily discharge data of patients availing cashless treatment under corporate panels or government panels is collected and status of every claim is shared with the hospital.
2. Query data analysis - The queries arising against each claim, if any, are taken up, studied and resubmitted after obtaining the relevant information and documents from the hospital.
3. Accurate Settlement of claims - We take a stock of status of each claim by personally contacting and if needed, visiting, each panel. Accurate settlement against each claim is afforded by us and shared with the hospital.
4. Weekly dashboards - We prepare weekly report on status of each claim i.e. submission, received, under process, query, paid/ ready for payment; and share it with the hospital.
5. Strong deduction analysis to control revenue loss - Our strict scrutiny of ever claim received helps to find out the reasons for deductions carried out during settlement. With this derived information, we advise hospitals on measures to minimise revenue losses.

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Our organization provides comprehensive custom collection and receivables management solutions to mid-large sized hospitals that already possess some type of collection or receivables management platform.