Credit Panel Empanelment


Credit Panel Empanelment management is of paramount importance for any healthcare facility to compensate patients for the money that they have invested in getting recovered from an illness or injury. Healthcare Providers are required to be a part of the network of Insurance Companies, Third Party Administrators (TPAs), Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs), Private Corporates and Government Panels to provide credit billing facility to patients. We are in the process of establishing provider network under tripartite agreements between hospital and credit panels for extension of cashless facility to Member customers.

However, the process for empanelment with these agencies is somewhat frustrating and does not encourage many Hospitals to apply for the same. Hospitals across verticals quite often and themselves inadequate to meet up the challenges. Furthermore, hospitals sometimes find themselves struggling to meet with the obligations that come with empanelment complex practices and guidelines.

However, with us, you will never face this challenge. We specialize in assisting you in not only applying for the same but also help in the evaluation of the healthcare facilities and accreditation with the agencies concerned in the shortest possible time.
Benefits of empanelment:-
--> Healthcare facilities empanelled with CGHS, ECHS, DGEHS, etc including hospitals, Dental and Eye clinics, Diagnostic and Imaging facilities where the patients can avail cashless and credit facilities get more patient enquiries being empanelled with more footage and visibility provided to them on credit panel platforms with lucrative offers and packages to the patients.
--> Providing convenience to patients with the provision of cashless facility - Cashless policies mean that the health insurance company settles the bill directly with healthcare provider, whether a hospital or a nursing home. This is to reduce the direct financial burden on insured individual at the time of hospitalization - especially useful in case of emergencies.
--> Health insurance companies, after checking their quality, rates, various procedures, etc. partner up with different hospitals, which are then called their ´┐Żnetwork hospitals´┐Ż which are selected after thorough background vetting and efficiency and expertise of medical services they offer. As these tie-ups are renewed on an annual basis, the process ensures that only the most credible hospitals are brought on board to the list of network hospitals. This also gives more credibility to the practice and also helps in their brand building.
--> Empanelment is a process in which there is a provider network - This provider network for Medical Empanelment consists of:
1. Third Party Administrator (TPAs).
2. Governmental agencies like ECHS, CGHS, DGEHS, NDMC, ESIC.
3. Insurance Companies.
4. Corporate tie ups for health check-ups.
5. The practice/health care set up which is empanelled with this network provide cashless or charge a minimum amount for availing diagnostic services or hospitalisation by them. . We provide consultancy on hospital empanelment:

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