Hospital Operations & Marketing Management


"Operations management" concerns the planning and organizing of the administrative, financial and operational processes of a hospital to better direct and utilize internal resources. This has many phases;

Clinical care management - The health care industry is a service industry, so it makes sense when organizations make a concentrated effort to standardize protocol to improve performance. Improving clinical care management can result in reduced readmissions and improved patient-provider relationships.
Risk management - Medical practices improve when providers mitigate and optimally manage risk. Examples of risk in a health care setting range from patient or staff injuries to ballooning costs of expensive services. Hospitals can leverage predictive analytics technology to cut down on extravagant or extraneous costs while striving for improved patient satisfaction.
Financial management - Medical practices and hospitals have many issues controlling costs. Cost issues can come from unnecessary treatments or medication prescriptions, treating uninsured patients, or budget reductions that directly impact the technology, equipment and salary resources of medical staff. Health care operations management deals with reducing and optimizing costs in a medical organization.

As innovation of health care technology drives industry trends that require evolving and adapting of set health care processes, protocols, regulation and strategies, healthcare operations management is an area that undergoes change whenever patient and industry expectations change.

Effective management of Operations & Marketing strategy helps to address and resolve inefficient practices that prevent medical staff from doing what they are trained to do: care for the patient. We work with Hospital Management in optimizing the resources and increasing revenues there by maximizing profit for the organisation.

By creating and maintaining operational excellence, medical staff are primed to productively respond to sudden changes in administration without compromising the organization's end goals. Operational excellence leads health care organizations to reach and sustain competitive advantage within the industry. At the end of the day, clinical excellence directly translates to providing patients with a comprehensive and satisfying experience.

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Our organization provides comprehensive custom collection and receivables management solutions to mid-large sized hospitals that already possess some type of collection or receivables management platform.