Corporate Wellness


A comprehensive corporate wellness program raises health awareness among employees. It can help to increase their knowledge about important health concerns, encourage them to consider healthier behaviours, and provide them with a supportive environment, from top management on down, to adopt and maintain healthy lifestyle changes.

As a company looking for successful wellness strategy, you would want a wellness program that stays with you regardless of insurance company you work with to get a win, win, win long lasting relationship.

At Insurance Mitra, we will help you solve your problems, not maintain the status quo or push you into financially unfeasible solutions. We understands your challenges and are truly interested in helping you out, even if there is some service creep

A wellness program that has published evidence that it can produce wellness outcomes and is based on behaviour change will be most effective. Your client will be pleased with the positive wellness outcomes it sees and you will have a competitive advantage that will help grow your business.

We support increased patient flow by supporting hospital from OPD to IPD by:
1. Increasing health awareness through multimedia, lectures, talks and seminars - in association with hospitals.
2. Conducting medical camps, in association with hospitals, at corporates
3. Providing assistance to corporate staff at the time of cashless treatment through our call-centre in tracking and smoothening their cashless process which otherwise is very painful for a layman.
4. Supporting tie-ups for pre-employment and annual health check-up.
5. Supporting corporate employees on follow up process - post discharge.

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Our organization provides comprehensive custom collection and receivables management solutions to mid-large sized hospitals that already possess some type of collection or receivables management platform.