A. Hospital MRD File
By partnering with Insurance Mitra for indexing medical records and healthcare document indexing, you can be assured of accurate results being delivered within the deadline that you require. You also gain a time zone advantage by outsourcing to our delivery centres that are operational 24x7.

Improved Efficiency:
Outsourcing indexing of medical records to Insurance Mitra will optimize process, cost and employee efficiency related to this activity for your business. Your internal employees will be able to direct their effort towards mission-critical work. Your regulatory compliance will improve as a result of our dedicated attention to detail and in-depth knowledge of healthcare sector norms. With effective medical records indexing, the entire process of delivering quality healthcare to your patients will be streamlined and enhanced.
Outsource Medical Records Indexing to Insurance Mitra for Fast, Accurate Results

B. ECHS - CGHS Scanning and indexing
Insurance Mitra experienced medical records indexing and healthcare document uploading and processing team follows a precise and methodical process that generates effective outcomes:

Step 1: Our team installs the required software technology required for seamless workflow between your office location and our delivery centre.
Step 2: Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are established and our qualified professionals are rigorously trained to ensure accuracy in every step.
Step 3: After receipt of the medical records from your team, our professionals implement the required process - such as indexing all documents related to a patient, indexing by record type, indexing other relevant data, indexing by Medical documents, etc. The process is completed within the deadline with a focus on speed and quality.
Step 4: Quality assurance checks and validation of the completed work are performed at appropriate intervals.
Step 5: The completion of the indexing work is communicated to the appropriate division at your business for review and sign off.

C. Storage
Healthcare providers, hospitals and clinics are required by law to maintain medical records for a stipulated period of time in various countries, including the claim files of ECHS minimum for 5 years. Maintaining paper documents is not a viable option anymore, given the advancement of digital technology.
Insurance Mitra, an experienced storage and Indexing Outsourcing Services company, simplifies this process and offers a cost-effective solution to businesses in the healthcare sector. Once medical records have been indexed, retrieval of the digitized information is significantly easier and convenient. Our accurate and secure medical document indexing and healthcare document indexing outsourcing services enable your work to streamline the process of ECHS Claim record management and thereby improve organizational efficiency and satisfaction.

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